Friday, 31 July 2009


I saw the Weather Babcia today. I passed her on the stairs taking the rubbish out, and when I tripped and dropped one of the bags she said 'Ciepło, ciepło!'
I thought this was a way of warning me to stay calm on the stairs but it seems she was commenting on the weather again because she limped on...

... ale będzie zimno wieczorki i ranki...

Three floors down, I overtook Smoking Babcia just before the front door. 'Don't hold the door for me!' she said, but I thought it safest to do so anyway.
Smoking Babcia is the most impressive babcia in the building because she stumps along on two walking sticks, puffing energetically on a cigarette clamped firmly between her lips.

I am amazed at her persistence, both in her bloodyminded determination to continue enjoying her cigarette, and her insistence on walking the twenty metres to the tiny nearby park to sit in the sun every morning.

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