Thursday, 9 July 2009

I love it when...

... Simplus sends me text messages, whenever I'm abroad, providing me with the telephone number of the nearest Polish Embassy.

- Ambasada Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej w Genewie, słucham

oh, hi - I was wondering... um... I don't suppose you're on the same street as the British Embassy by any chance? No? Nie? Ale dobrze rozumiem po polsku!!

... etc.


Fisz n Czips said...

embassy is in bern

you got the permanent un representative office thingy in geneva... i used to work right by it and sampled the wyzerka once when they had some sort of event, i was beside marek belka sampling the kanapki, which to this day is my highest polish politician sighting

but yeah... random cell phone messages *insert seinfeld observational comedy*
request: i will be in krakow mid august, make a post or comment about cool new places to go, topics may include: good places to eat, clothes shopping places (for females), classical music/jazz places, independent cinema

also, make more posts about obwarzanki, seven oaks and the british class divide and furrowed brows

pinolona said...

Fisz: oops so much for my local knowledge! But just it case it was too far, Simplus helpfully connected me to SFR and sent me the number of the Polish Embassy in France.
Confusing Roaming fact of the day no. 1: when I try to call anyone, a polite French lady tells me that all outgoing calls are blocked (even though I have ample credit on my Polish phone). Damn... :)

Re the request - that's at least eleven individual posts! Although come to think of it, I'd have plenty of material for the rest of July...

Anonymous said...

Haha, niezle.

Norman said...

Fisz n Czips, google "Pod Baranami" - there's some Jazz going there.

Anonymous said...

Ryba z Frytkami,

There are plenty of solds now!!!

Eden for all shopaholics!!! ;-)
(I bought 2 pairs of shoes, 2 skirts, 1 pullover, 2 jackets and 1 dress - almost all made out of Poland!!! I have also intention to buy 1 springcoat (well known and expensive polish dress mark), but I wait for 50% reduced prizes shhh).