Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Euro 2008

I won't apologise for my spectacular lack of attention to this particular set of sporting festivities.

The only time I've really shown any inclination towards football was when I worked at a pub and it was a good excuse for taking five minutes off (plus no-one orders when the game's on anyway).
Oh yeah, and I was in Florence for the final of the last World Cup, which was quite exciting. Unfortunately I could see very little of the game due to my being rather less than 5'7" in my bare (ok, flip-flopped) feet and not being able to see over the heads of the crowd. As far as I recall, Italy must have scored a few times because every time they did, my then-boyfriend hauled me up under the arms and shook me around in the air like a large rag doll (which actually gave me a decent view of the screen, if rather sore armpits).

I would have paid more attention to the Czech-Swiss match on Saturday, only I had my back to the screen (the guys having already claimed the other side of the table) and I was finding myself shamefully light-headed on half pints of Kronenbourg.

And it was something of a surprise on Monday night when my Sister's Boyfriend accosted me on MSN Messenger:

SB: Hi
Me: Hi
SB: Sorry about the football
Me: Huh?... Oh crap! I completely forgot! So Poland lost then?
SB: yes
Me: ah

SB: (by way of apology) I'm drinking Tyskie...

I may try and get my hands on a copy of the Polish Sun. I'd love to see how that one pans out...


peixote said...

Hopefully in recreating the original they will not forego page 3.

pinolona said...

according to Scatts, it comes complete with Polish page 3 girl...

burntmaze (prev, flowers) said...

i'm not a football fan but i did feel a bit sorry for them in that both goals were scored by a polish born player. ouch!