Sunday, 15 June 2008


My brother, a gentle-looking chap, is often approached by enthusiastic young men of the Hare Krishna persuasion, and he has the pile of books to prove it. However, it's not always easy to start a conversation with a stranger:

Hare Krishna guy to my brother: 'That's a nice beard. Did you grow it yourself?'
Bro: 'No, actually it's my sister's: I just borrow it at the weekend.'

HK: Here. Take a copy of our book.
Bro: Oh thanks, but I'm actually reading something else at the moment.
HK: Oh really? What are you reading?
Bro: A book called 'The Plague'. It's by Albert Camus.

HK, appalled: That goes against everything we believe in!

I rather suspect that telling the Hare Krishnas you like to read Camus is akin to telling the Mothers' Union that you like to paint yourself in pig's blood and make animal sacrifices. Although I'm sure lots of enlightened HKs will be able to put me straight.

In any case, the guy disappeared shortly after. My brother didn't get a copy of the book.

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