Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Wycieczka do Huty

Just over a year in Kraków and I still hadn't got my ass to Nowa Huta.

Two friends invited me over for a tour and the best cappuccino in Kraków*.

We marvelled at the ability of Polish Seniors to eat potatoes and kotlet schabowy even when the asphalt is blistering outside...

Classy night-life spot just off Plac Centralny. They have an ice-cream flavour intriguingly labelled 'owocowe'. Luckily it turned out to be strawberry. I think.
Also a guy kissed my hand in the loos. Nobody in Stare Miasto kisses my hand in the loos.

We sat in their living room drinking coffee and checking the tram times home.
- OK there's one in seven minutes.
I said. 'No wait, I'll never make it. I'll go for the next one, in fifteen.'

In forty minutes we were running for the tram stop, copper-scented summer rain just beginning to fall.
The tram passed - I crossed the tracks behind it, dived for the closing door and...

... a kind gentleman pressed the button for me.


Thank you for the tour, guys, it was fantastic!

*A steal at 50PLN, free English lesson with every cup.


Anonymous said...

ok ,ok

everybody knows that Nowa Huta is better than the Times Square in NY, but the next thing you should do is buy a ticket (9zl) to Nowy Targ


and visit the mountains + Niedzica castle. Being in Krakow and not seeing the mountains is !!unacceptable!!.

Tom said...

kotlet schabowy - i love it!
i've just found a great polish restaurant near my apartment...but i'm moving away from the area at the end of june. shame.

p.s. this is tom from flowersonafriday.com. i'm now over at www.burntmaze.com. different look, same blah blah

Shaunj said...

your mushroom/cabbage pierogi were a revelation and almost converted me from my "ruskie" fixation :D

pinolona said...

Shaun: nah, ruskie all the way! (especially cold the next morning. mmmm.)

Have you tried the Pierogarnia at the end of Sławkowska? It's brilliant. Lots of different yummy flavours to try.

Tom: all the restaurants in Poland are Polish, surely - by definition?
I know... you changed your website... now I have to change my blogroll...

Anon: good point. Train or bus? Might take a couple of days away next week to hide from packing duties.

stopthemoments said...

Pinola, do you tried Pierogarnia in Kazimierz? Pierożki u Vincenta at Jozefa Street. They are delicious.