Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Pinolona in Warsaw

"Will I see the guy from Magda M...?"


Anonymous said...

I hope you will meet Scatts.

It would be really a shame if he does not show you Warsaw. :)

pinolona said...

I did meet Scatts! But it was for a Serious Meeting about Polandian, not a tour.

Don't worry though, I found a couple of friendly Warszawians to show me around. : )

Anonymous said...

On the 17th of May there is a "museum night" in Warsaw. You can visit all the galleries, castles and museums FOR FREE.

So if you go to Warsaw ,go on Saturday !

scatts said...

Yes, I was there but sadly unable to be the grand host and tour-guide this time around.

I did get Pinolona to her hotel at least and it sounds like the rest worked out well anyway!

Did you find the Magda M guy?

pinolona said...

Anonymous: Go to Warsaw? Again?! We have our very own Noc Museów in Kraków thank you!! (I posted about it last year, way back in May 2007). It's this Friday night, if anyone's interested.

Scatts: Thanks, I appreciate it! Did I meet the Magda M guy? Not exactly, but I did catch up with a couple of friends on Saturday. And they showed me all the classic romantic comedy spots in Warsaw (the old town, that bridge, the roof of the university library, the culture tower thing, etc).

island1 said...

So did you actually buy a map in the end or rely on 'the kindness of strangers'?

pinolona said...

Actually, yes, I did buy a map. It actually turned out to be the World's Smallest Map of Warsaw. It served its purpose, more or less, and was much more reliable than the taxi driver that I asked for directions.