Saturday, 6 February 2010

Kraków in winter

Perhaps you are wondering why on earth someone would be crazy enough to go to Poland in January.
Well, it's actually rather pretty.

Here are some pictures:

Snowy saints outside the church of St Peter and Paul on Grodzka

The Wisła was totally frozen, how cool is that?!

Not actually a concentration camp, but leftovers from the film set of Schindler's List
Although Wikipedia says there was a labour camp here during the Second World War.

Interesting obwarzanki-based hanging decorations in Nowa Prowincja. Incidentally Polish Christmas decorations stay up long past Epiphany and were very much in evidence around town.


Island1 said...

Oh, oh, oh, done Liban Quarry! Shameless link:

pinolona said...

yeah I remembered that one - couldn't find the link though, cheers for that!

Laura said...

It does look very pretty. Still not sure about the cold though..