Thursday, 11 February 2010

Just when you thought it was safe...

I was going to publish a half-written post about a very eerie trip to the British Consulate, but in the meantime, I woke up yesterday morning to scenes rather like this:

Yeah, I know. Again.

Normally I'm a big fan of snow, and the incontestable fact is that Brussels under snow is a far prettier and less doleful place than Brussels under drizzle, but this is starting to get ridiculous.

Yesterday morning I went to see a man about a pension policy (I know!!).
- oh you managed to get here all right then?
I must have looked surprised because he added:
- all the buses are cancelled.

Welcome to Belgium.

Last night I went out for a quiet, mid-week beer with a couple of friends. That is, I tried to go out for a quiet mid-week beer. The place looked easy enough to find: follow the big road from the station and then turn right.

Only... somewhere along the line I took the wrong road.

The pub was less than ten minutes from Central Station and I managed to arrive there via an impressive detour which took in the Bozar, the Palais de Justice, the lift at the Palais de Justice, Brussels Chapelle station and the Eglise des Minimes.

On the way back I missed the last metro and fell over twice on the packed snow slipping and sliding my way home down Rue de la Loi.

Enough snow now. Thank you. Mamy dość zimy!


Laura said...

Next time we go out I'm going to draw you a map. You got even more lost than I initially realised...

student SGH said...

it looks like a layer of two inches of snow, in the capital of Poland we have nine times more of this fluffy white substance, but here it's not a disaster

pinolona said...

Laura it's ok - normally I do a printout from googlemaps, but for some reason I didn't manage it that time. I probably have an entire map of Brussels now, composed of googlemap printouts...

Bartek - yeah, I know, I know, Western Europe can't cope with snowfall, et cetera. Feel free to be entertained by our efforts!
Incidentally when I was in Krakow the other week all the Poles were complaining about the weather and how awful it was and how they'd never seen anything like it etc etc - although the buses were still running.