Saturday, 15 March 2008

Shameless plug

So in case you were looking for something to read at the weekend (switch the PC off, go outside and play in the sunshine! Unless you live in the UK of course. Or Katowice.), and you were wondering why this boring old blogger can't find something daft to do so she has something new to write about, well here's an exciting new collaborative blog about Poland for your perusal:

It's called Polandian, and it's pretty damn cool I can tell you. Full of lots of different and exciting things about Poland, and plenty to keep you occupied in that awkward forty minutes when lunch was too long ago and it's too early for a tea break (and no-one else is on facebook cos they've all got Real Work to do).

I wrote a Whole Post on it once and I'm trying to post a second one but I've lost the draft on Wordpress somewhere. Confusion reigns...

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