Monday, 3 March 2008



Lovely flat, one bedroom, day room, kitchen corner. Clean bathroom, no u-bend reflux.
Enough room for a (small) upright piano. Deaf neighbours preferred (upstairs, downstairs and on either side).

Flawless fast broadband internet and cable television in four languages.

Hot water in the mornings please, even if everyone else in the building is taking a shower at the same time.
Gas boiler should not be located directly above bath taps, nor should it be within range of the shower.

Preference will be shown for oven door which stays shut without a chair leaning against it and power points which do not produce sparks. Ideally no pigeons exist within two-mile radius.

Intoxicated early-morning strollers will lose voices while walking past building.

Kind acquaintance (with Y chromosome) will live nearby for help with shelves, spiders and the odd wistful evening.*

And there will be big windows with a view of the open sky, for staring.

All for under 900PLN bills included.

Any offers??

*Gosh this is getting sentimental. I'm starting to sound like a Pole.


Flowers On A Friday said...

sounds like a great place to live but i would forgo much of it if i could have a wonderful view!!!

my apartment in lovely [ahem] katowice has the most depressing view out across....well other depressingly grey buildings. this place was certainly not built with people's souls in mind.

role on spring!!!!

pinolona said...

Ah but if you can see other buildings, you can spy on your neighbours...

(See 'Rear Window' and 'La finestra di fronte' for details)

Ditto your feelings about spring. Warm weather please and a decent amount of daylight!

polandian said...

I can offer one for 450 + bills

with cable tv in 5 languages:)

in Toruń


pinolona said...


That sounds perfect. When can I move in?

(Incidentally, how far is it from Toruń to Kraków by train? More importantly, what's the fifth language??)