Sunday, 2 March 2008


For some reason I prefer sitting at the back of the plane. The Worst-Case Scenario Travel Handbook, in the chapter on 'How to survive a plane crash' says: "The odds of surviving a crash are higher in the middle-to-rear section compared to the middle-to-front section of the cabin".

Also, you can eavesdrop on the cabin crew, which is always a good way to add interest to an otherwise routine and uneventful flight.

Awaiting take-off, one of our orange-clad friends passed me doing a final headcount with the clicky thingy and I heard him exclaim
- No, it's no good, I'm still getting 156
before setting off down the aisle again with the clicker.

I watched him reach the front of the cabin, and a few moments later there was an announcement over the intercom.

- Ladies and gentlemen, we do apologise for the delay to today's take-off, this is due to a discrepancy between the number of passengers in the paperwork and the number of people on the plane and we are unable to take off until this discrepancy has been resolved.

There appeared to be fervent discussion near the front exits.

After a moment, the head of the cabin crew took the mic.

- Ladies and gentlemen, this flight is shortly to depart for London Gatwick. If there is anyone on the plane who does not have a ticket to London Gatwick, we do advise you to get off the plane as quickly as possible.

Subdued mirth. People started to get their boarding passes out.

Finally, the all-British crew managed to find someone to make the announcement in Polish:

- Szanowni Panstwo! W krotce ... [uhh... etc...]

Subdued mirth among the Polish speakers on the plane and more restrained commotion at the front of the cabin.

Several minutes later, the plane was taxiing towards the runway...


inqui g said...

Pinolona!??? Inquilin's calling.

Ai said...

Hi! I'm an asian living here in Poland.Glad that i stumble upon ur blog. Hoping i could relate to some of ur experiences here...