Thursday, 1 January 2009

Resolutions for 2009

- I will ensure that I am always equipped with appropriate footwear for a '15-minute walk from the station' (nb, 4-inch heels do not constitute 'appropriate footwear')

- I will ensure that I leave the house in plenty of time: not an hour late, for example

- I will not get lost looking for my hosts' front door and I will avoid mistakenly shouting "Helloooooo?" outside their neighbours' window

- I will not only remember my contact lens case, but my glasses as well (for when the contact lenses are in the case)

- I will be careful to wear a skirt of an appropriate length to avoid embarrassment when performing routine operations such as walking down stairs, sitting on sofas, etc. I will ensure that I am in full control of the petticoats of said skirt at all times

- I will make sure that my camera is always fully charged, to avoid badly-lit, out-of-focus party shots

- I will not take pictures of sleeping fellow partygoers and subsequently post them on facebook

- I will not try to poison my friends and kind hosts with any of the following:
  • Rounds of Wyborowa wodka shots
  • Ogórki kiszone
  • Mysterious herbal spirits from Slovakia
- I will leave some toffee crisp for everyone else next time.


pinolona said...

post script: I will not sit on chocolate in a dry-clean only party dress.

Anonymous said...

That's perhaps the most important one after 'not taking photos of sleeping friends'. That has a habit of coming back to bite!

Happy New Year!

pinolona said...

Aw the sleeping friend didn't mind too much: seeing as she posted a picture of herself wearing pyjamas on the Tube the next morning!

Happy New Year to you too, and sorry to read about all the trouble with your school! Here's to a good 2009!