Thursday, 8 January 2009


He is at the front door before I've had a chance to get my key out.

Those brown eyes stare at me accusingly.

- You're late back. Where have you been?

I mumble some excuse and start to undo my boots.

sniff sniff sniff

- That's not your normal scent! What is that smell? Wait! What's this?

A hair! A blonde hair!

He sits back and looks right at me.

- What's his name?

- What do you mean? I ...
Ok, ok. His name is Alfie.

- Alfie?

and... Tilly

- Two of them??

- Look, it was just a walk, ok?

- A walk? When was the last time you took me for a walk?!

- Well... a walk ... and lunch...

-You stayed for lunch? I love lunch!

- And... after lunch...

- YES??

- (looking at the floor)... he sat on my knee.

I see where this is going. You've been out without me! You've been playing with someone else's dog! You've been out committing DOG-ULTERY!

I'm not talking to you any more.

3 comments: said...

Sweet dog! My girlfriend's dog stole my bottle of pop when we got out of the car yesterday. Cheeky bugger. Ran off with it. It's the most fun she'd had all day!

scatts said...

Yeah, dogs are like that! Suspicious of any unusual smell and VERY angry if you've been playing away from home.

Oooh! - breviess

Amélie said...

Hehe! I have a bunny who does the same if I commit BUN-ultery!