Thursday, 21 February 2008

Ordnung muss sein

Today, crossing Szpitalna to get a coffee at lunchtime, I noticed a long queue of cars stretching back towards the Mały Rynek.

And at the head of this queue?

Waiting for an interminable stream of opportunistic pedestrians to dive across the zebra crossing was a single car...

... with a German numberplate.


Dictor Toolittle said...

A *top* German-plated car? If *just a* German-plated car, then, hey, it could've been me inside. Similarly, you never know whether British-plated cars here are Poleful or not, though it's easier with them, as sometimes they go damaged on the wrong-side- traffic side. (Not that I disagree with the hidden message your're conveying.)

Anonymous said...

that's when cultural differences make trouble:)