Thursday, 3 January 2008

Images of the Festive Season

An English 'szopka'

Christmas crackers: dreaded by the other dog because they contain real gunpowder

The pudding! Normally we pour hot brandy over it and set it alight (like crêpes, but denser), but I think the flames have gone out here.

The spaniel, reclining with a nice glass of chilled Chenin Blanc


batorego said...

For some reason the flames on a flaming Christmas pud are incredibly difficult to photograph. I have many photos of people gawping and pointing at apparently non-ablaze puds.

Did you know that nobody else in the world has Christmas crackers? I was quite shocked when I discovered this.

pinolona said...

Ha ha- when I was teaching in France I took a box of crackers in to show my classes and even the slackers at the back were terrified. Pussies.

I don't think there are any flames on that picture: most of the brandy had already been drunk, so it wasn't a great success.

My boss tried to smuggle a pudding back into Poland once but it was too dense for the x-ray machines at security...