Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Seen on the back of a cubicle door in the ladies' loos of the Thameside Inn, near London Bridge:

'Staśka Rzondzi'

I was about to get out my correcting pen when I started to wonder. Is this really a case of dysortografia, or is it a deliberate mistake for stylistic effect: a sort of Polish 'I woz 'ere'...

... any ideas?


Michael Dembinski said...

Rzondzi = 'Roolz', does it not?

Jeannie said...

So funny about translators and foreign language teachers who have to resist correcting errors even in the loo!

Love the new photo of the dog--he looks blissful!

pinolona said...

Michael, ooh well done - I've never spelt it that way, but maybe I'm just not down with the kids any more.

Jeannie - think it may not be an error, more a stylistic device (see Michael's comment above)! It wasn't so much a desire to correct as a sense of pride that I'd managed to work out what the original word was supposed to be...
I always find myself wanting to correct misused apostrophes, grrr.

ps, the dog is actually a she :) and in that picture she is hot and exhausted because we took her out on a long trek in the sunshine. But probably still blissful!