Tuesday, 12 January 2010


These are white, muffled days, curled up in the flat, with blessedly little to do. The freeze is over, but the outside world is still blanketed in snow.
My fifty pages of translation for the end of the month fit neatly into five pages a day: a morning's work, even at a fairly relaxed place. The flat is small and warm with plenty to read, TV in five languages, fast internet and a piano with headphones. I go out once a day and walk about, sometimes as far as Park Woluwe, sometimes to meet friends for coffee, sometimes to Carrefour for an arbitrary series of items, added to and ticked off the shopping list as they occur to me.
In the evenings, I drink cinnamon tea, watch the BBC and try to learn about current affairs. I am making very, very slow inroads into my To-Do list. I have little concept of time and am physically incapable of punctuality.
I am being kind to myself for a few days, after three years of pushing and working and saving and worrying. There will be plenty of hard work again soon.


Maria said...

Thought you might appreciate this wee chap's confusion:


How was big day? Hope it went well my lovely! Lots of love from melting london xxx

pinolona said...

heeheehee yes I already saw that!
I always thought that 'sit' was 'siadaj' though and 'come here' is 'chodz tu' (whatever happened to Hodge One?)... any thoughts from Polish readers?
sending you an email Maria...

Korie said...

Sounds quite lovely. Hopefully I'll be able to relax byt he end of the month.

Anonymous said...

you're right, normally "siadaj" is "sit" and "chodz tu" is "come here". and I'd say "czekaj" instead of "zostan." those commands sound a bit... either old-fashioned or just too professional.

did you notice the winter is over? it was so nice and warm on Sunday! I went for a walk with a friend of mine, bought some flowers and now I'm ready to officialy welcome le Printemps :)

cieple pozdrowienia, ewa

pinolona said...

Korie - yes I hope things get better soon! fingers crossed for the coffee shop job (gives me a very good excuse to come to Ghent too :))

Hi Ewa! thanks for the dog command corrections. I'm beginning to think one of my parents' dogs might be Polish too... or possibly just selectively deaf... certainly he doesn't do what you tell him in English.

Sunday afternoon was quite nice but I don't think I like Belgian spring if it's going to mean drizzle all the time. I think I preferred snow and sunshine!

Anonymous said...

I just watched that video! :-( How cringe worthy was that? She shouldn't have continued when she knew her pronunciation wasn't perfect! lol! :-) Priceless :-)

Many people fail miserably at the start trying to speak another language but few do it on TV talking to a dog!

pinolona said...

Anon: that's a bit harsh - they're really doing their best without a proper teacher and there's little in the way of pronunciation guides on the internet.

If every language learner stopped due to imperfect pronunciation no one would ever learn a foreign language at all and we wouldn't be able to communicate with each other.

Language learners of the world! Ignore Anon's comments, go forth and practice: good pronunciation will come naturally later!