Tuesday, 26 January 2010

January! Still here?!

Monday. Monday in January. Not a lot has been going on in January - after Week One that is - as you may have already guessed from the turgid streams of drivel trickling through this blog over the past couple of weeks. My favourite Waffle (apart from the yummy Liegois ones with lumps of sugar inside) says that she can write a post in less than an hour. With no editing.
It takes me all afternoon to write a blog post. Often I leave them to marinate overnight. I edit compulsively.
And it's not just blog posts at issue here. I can't even write a wall post on Facebook in less than half an hour. Admittedly I do other things in between and come back to it, but still. So much for the instant gratification society.

But maybe I should just blurt it all out. Thirty mins max and then *Publish*! Say exactly what's on my mind. Nah... you don't want to hear that. Really? Are you sure? Right then, here goes.

  • Embarrassing shopping. Namely at the hands of an overtly, gleefully discreet lady pharmacist.You know when you're thirteen and you go shopping for feminine hygiene products with your Mum and she refuses to pronounce any of the operative words above a whisper? 'Do you need any - you know - *whispers*?' 'Sorry Mum, did you say TAMPONS?'. Lobster-faced shame. It's that dramatic, stage-whisper type of discreet. 'No, not the cream! I want the pessary! Single dose! Not that I... I mean, it's just in case, you know.' 'Anything else Mademoiselle?' *sigh* I'm about to go to the land of pierogi and precle and other low-fibre treats, and my stomach hates travel. I pronounce the relevant item and her face crinkles up in delight. 'Absolutely! We have our own special preparation'. 'Not too strong!!' I call urgently as she bustles off into the back room of the pharmacy.
  • Bills. It's so confusing being a grown-up. I had to pay tax, all by myself, for the First Time Ever. On Sunday night, having put them off until the Very Last Minute, I lined up all the bills, opened the unopened ones, juggled money from account to account, took a deep breath and clicked on 'Pay'. All this without even touching the emergency Pain Quotidien chocolate spread Noir or the emergency frozen Absolut.
Urgh, I told you. This post has been open in draft for about five hours already. It is now 1am. Typically, I am not able to sleep before travelling, to give me more time not to forget anything (or to make me sleepier in the morning so I do forget things).

Goodnight, see you all in Kraków tomorrow. Oh did I not mention that?

*edit - 1.20 am.

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