Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Autumn leaves

I've always loved autumn: it's always been my favourite season. La rentrée, back to school, whatever you call it. Autumn is where the air tastes fresher and the leaves are crispy underfoot. Couples walk hand in hand and giggle like teenagers and cheeks are rosy and steps springy. Autumn is full of hope and new starts: schools, universities, new jobs, new friendship, new love...
Trees crowd together in excitement, merging, laughing, in a cloud of russet and gold.

Then suddenly November comes, and night falls and with it silence and the trees stand stark and bare of leaves and twisted in grief, their branches not even touching.


Anonymous said...

Come back to Poland now! The worst month in the year full of mists, frogs in the fogs and rainy! More, we are celebrate today in the rather sad form, going to the cemeteries. Really most depressive month in the year!!! But in 3 weeks is coming... Santa Claus with presents!!! That's giving me hope and letting me survive! :D ;)

Michael Dembinski said...

That's very beautiful, P.

November is not the worst - February is. The frosts and snows have (for the most part) left, and there's still six or more weeks before Spring makes its presence known.

Tomasz said...

I'm wonder what is the biggest difference between autumn and spring love?... :)

pinolona said...

Anon - I love the November celebrations in the cemetery, all those lovely twinkling lights... it's so peaceful and comforting.
I have to say I don't find the presents aspect of Christmas all that exciting (I'm too old to get presents any more) but I like the warmth and the atmosphere and especially the music.

Michael - thank you! I know what you mean about February, I think I may go back to my parents' house for a bit then to stave off the ex-pat blues (ex-pat doesn't really count when it's a mere two hours by train from the Channel).

Tomek, I wouldn't know, I don't fall in love, emotions are for poofs and girls :p
Maybe something to do with the extra hour in bed in autumn?