Saturday, 11 April 2009

Spring, finally.

So now I'm back in Sevenoaks for a few days and actually have time to do something that isn't translation, grammar classes, Polish homework or salsa dancing (guilty), I'll tell you about our trip to Tyniec last weekend. The snow finally melted about two weeks ago and the sun came out with a vengeance, more than making up for its late appearance. We begged, borrowed and stole bicycles and rode out along the river to the monastery. It took us about two hours, with plenty of water breaks, photo breaks and rest time for the one guy on rollerblades (with two stretches of ordinary road to navigate, we held our collective breath very nervously indeed watching him coasting along hanging onto the seat of the bike in front).

No, screw that - writing is far too much like hard work. Here are some pretty pictures instead.

Beautiful day
Inside the monastery chapel

And from the outside

How'm I supposed to convince my friends back home that Poland is a modern, civilised country?!

Luckily, we got back in time for the student pillow fight in the main square. UJ students are in white, AGH in green (or maybe blue) and Akademika Ekonomiczna in... uh... does it even matter?!

When I left on Wednesday, the streets were still strewn with fluffy mounds of feathers, gently ruffled by the breeze.


Dan said...

You're equating civilizedness with wealth. Do you think that's correct?

You make it seem like Poland doesn't have better technology.

Anonymous said...

Dan, do you think that's correct if you do not understand irony ?

pinolona said...

Hi Dan,

At what point did I mention wealth?

Firstly, I am perfectly well aware that Poland has a -relatively - sophisticated agricultural industry. Secondly - no, it doesn't imply that I think Poland has no better technology: I've lived here for almost two years now, thank you, and the caption is an aside in answer to all those friends and acquaintances who asked why on earth I wanted to move to a country of 'snow and concentration camps' or who came to visit and then said, with surprise 'actually it's not that different from home'. No it's not.

In fact, on seeing a horse-drawn plough, aside from thinking 'how pretty', I assumed it was part of a - probably high-grossing - agri-tourism centre, attracting flocks of gullible western tourists to part with their hard-earned (or borrowed) funds.

How on earth do you find a basis for your assumptions about my attitude to the wealth and technological development of Poland from a pretty, rustic photo with a rather silly, jokey caption beneath it?

Dan said...

I was simply reacting to the word "civilized" since I often hear it used negatively. You could say I'm allergic to it.

It was a good-natured post. Sorry! :)

pinolona said...

ah - ok. sorry, bit of an over-reaction then!
I see what you mean about the word 'civilised'. In this context it comes with sort of invisible, implied inverted commas around it. Or does it? *hmmm goes away to think about own perceptions of life in central Europe* said...

fantastic fun! love the man/horse/cart pic and the pillow fight ones too.

i heading back to poland tomorrow for 10 days. can't wait!

good to hear that you had some time for fun.

tom (previously of southwesterly...and burntmaze)

Anonymous said...

Have you removed that hint post about how to impress a feminist?

Come on, I'm going out tonight and wanted to revise!

Anonymous said...

If i remember right, you should say something about nice silicone breasts with an albanian accent...

Anonymous said...


how tall are you?

pinolona said...

Anon 1: oops, sorry, too late!
I'll bring it back, honest... (possibly heavily disclaimered)

Anon 2: I've never met a pair of silicone breasts with an Albanian accent.

Anon 3: about 5'4 1/2. Why?

Anonymous said...

That makes 163,83 cm. M I right?
So, it wasn't you! I thought you R taller, about 170 cm.

pinolona said...

I have no idea how tall I am in centimetres. In any case, 'pinolona' is not exactly the same person as me, so you wouldn't have seen her anyway :)
(*mind starts to boggle at the metaphysical side of it all*)