Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Lesson in comparative adjectives

For some time now, I have suspected that our grammar teacher (Bad Cop) is hiding a heady youth filled with Polish rock music.
Every week or so, we revise (and occasionally just 'vise') a section of Polish grammar, and every other week, more or less, we receive the lyrics of a new rock song or two.

It began innocently enough, with the past (imperfect) and Marek Grechuta (and the Myslovitz cover) of Kraków...

... another taste of Marek Grechuta for a bit of locative case practice
'Zgubieni w krzyku megafonów
W ogromnym światów wielkim'...
(Znajdziemy sobie)

... then things got serious, with a little dopelniacz (genitive) my friend:

'Ile razem dróg przebytych?
Ile ścieżek przedeptanych?
Ile deszczów, ile śniegów
wiszżcych nad latarniami?'

(ps, still Marek Grechuta - lyrics by Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński - if this seems a little too detailed it's cause I used to write essays a lot and I'm afraid of copyright law)


A little change brought us back to the future (tense) with Edward Stachura...

...but today's offering on comparative forms topped them all:

Altogether now:

Wierniejsza od marzenia
Weselsza niż wspomnienia
Cenniejsza od zaszczytów
Piękniejsza od zachwytów
Wierniejsza od marzenia
Otwarta na spojrzenia
Silniejsza niż nadzieja
Pogodna jak niedziela

It's helping with the PIT rage, really it is...


Anonymous said...

You listen to music and they cook...:D



this is dutch BTW.

pinolona said...

mmm now that sounds like a much better idea!

Bennoxxx said...

Kraków is Myslovitz's song, and the version with Marek Grechuta is the cover (and is brilliant).

Anonymous said...

But Pinolona wants something more cheesy like the last song.

She should try Seweryn Krajweski, Krzysztof Klenczon. They are a good PIT-therapy.

pinolona said...

Bennox: Really?! I assumed - because he played us the Myslovitz version second, and because it sounds more modern - that that was the cover!

Anon: thanks, will check it out!

Norman said...

Pino, if listening to polish music is not a must, when doing PIT-therapy, You should try "Arizona Dream OST" (for chill) or "Kalashnikov" (for different type of chill) by Goran Bregovic. The latter is my favourite, when dealing with polish urzędy. The only problem i have (urzędy excluded): lack of real AK-47 :-(
BTW: You might thing, i'm some kind of sick person. If so, You're right! :]