Sunday, 1 February 2009

Polish word of the day: 0022009

Today's Polish word of the day is 'śnieg'.

Here is an illustration of the meaning of this word.

And here are some examples of its use:

- Lotnisko zamknięte z powodu opadów śniegu
- Z powodu padającego śniegu, dzisiejszy lot do Krakowa jest odwołany

It's actually quite hard to find this sort of example on google, seeing as how, in Poland, things are not often cancelled z powodu śniegu. In Poland, they put on winter tyres and drink tea with raspberry syrup and get on with it.

In England, nothing works when it snows.

trzymajcie kciucki.


Anonymous said...

Because in England, they've got the wrong *type* of snow. Again!


pinolona said...

no I can now confirm that there is more snow in England than in Poland... crazy times!

What exactly is the Right Kind Of Snow for network south east I would like to know?!

Island1 said...

The kind that falls in Poland instead of network southeast.

pinolona said...

See I think the snow we have in Krakow is the Wrong Kind. You can't enjoy it at all.

Whereas I suppose the one good thing about being totally unable to cope with snow in Britain is that we get a lot more fun out of it... (I wish I were at home snowboarding in Knole Park on a tea-tray).

Anonymous said...

If you want more snow, all you need to do is drive to...

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid the snow's in Krakow's of the faerie type: you've gotta believe it. Otherwise, it's not there to be seen. Or maybe it's the Cheshire Snowcat/Catsnow?

Reuters claims that it's Britain that gets the wrong type of snow:

and as far as the wrong type of anything's concerned generally, this should explain the milk in the coconut:


Simon said...

On the contrary, Boris Johnson, old Etonian Mayor of London who is not the buffoon he tries to appear, stated categorically on television that it was the right type of snow. It just came in the wrong quantities!