Monday, 9 February 2009

One Week

I've been in Kraków for a week now, and as far as I can see very little has changed (surprising I suppose if you consider the speed of change in the mid-2000s - what do we call this decade anyway? I hate 'the noughties', plus Noel Coward got there first).

I'm living in an apartment block, very similar to my old place on Starowiślna. I think it's slightly newer: at least the flat seems newer inside (no window panels on the doors). I'm still on a main road, even more main than Starowiślna, but slightly further back, so the noise isn't so much of a problem. Plus I'm on the other side of the river now, so fewer drunk revellers!

What have I discovered in a week?

- I'm sorry to have missed the snow in England. I love snow, and the dog loves it too: it makes her turn into a puppy again. There was a little bit here when I arrived, but it's since melted.
- Cats are not as obliging or affectionate as dogs. I miss the dog.
- Running on old snow is a slippery experience.
- Teabags are not the same here: they're designed to be taken without milk, so the blend is less strong.
- Polish beer kicks my arse. So does wiśniówka, tatanka, and anything else like that. I am seriously thinking of renouncing them altogether.
- Cherry Powerade works magic on a dehydrated body (see above point on Polish beer).
- I have been to two aerobics classes ('w fitnesie') in four days. Polish aerobics kicks my arse. My knees look very wobbly in the mirror and my hands as though they might snap off.
- It is probably very unhealthy to check facebook on a long train journey. Whatever happened to reading (ok, I do that too) and I-Spy?
- I never thought I would willingly eat smalec* more than once (see above point on Polish beer).
- It is hard to speak Polish with Polish people if you are a native English speaker, and I have to make more of an effort, before my Big Test on Monday...

*basically spreadable lard with pork scratchings in


Anonymous said...

why not naughties? will give us some time to misbehave properly...

but honestly, I heard educated Brits refer to them as the oh-ohs and heard Americans call them the zeros...

the nils sound too nihilistic, don't they?

The PL Halfling

pinolona said...

I like 'the two thousands'. The British press likes 'the noughties', but I don't think we're very naughty any more: too busy worrying about mortgages and pensions and dieting and so on.
No, I don't like 'the nils' either. 'Grande Bretagne, nul points'...

Anonymous said...

You made a BIG mistake Pinolona.

You should NEVER say that there is not enough snow in Poland and the temperatures are too high.

Island made the same mistake some weeks ago and froze his butt off a couple of days later...

I warned you... ;)

pinolona said...

thanks!! I love the snow! (and I work from home where the central heating is included)

Anonymous said...

enough ? or do you want more ? :D

pinolona said...

Snow is awesome! (I have bruises - and soaking wet ski-pants - to prove it). Yes, more please.

PolishMeKnob said...

Wisniowka is some stuff! (I love it!)

Smalec is really good! It may be disgusting in concept (bacon grease) but it's hearty and does one's heart good.

As for Polish beer, I'v only ever had Zywiec (I'm not a huge beer fan.) Anyway, Zywiec is just like Budweiser.

I find it really hard to speak Polish to a Pole. If I miss a stress, they don't understand what the hell I'm saying. It damages my super-fragile ego and I'm unable to speak Polish ever again.