Friday, 19 December 2008


Last night I dreamt I was in Poland, visiting the mountains.

I know that I must have been in Poland, visiting the mountains, because the only part I remember is being in the bus station office, trying to ask the time of the last bus back to Kraków.

My Polish had clearly suffered because I couldn't remember the word for 'last': I distinctly remember trying variations on później and skończony, but nothing fitted.

At six in the morning, the dog asked, noisily, to be let out.

I woke up, let her out, nodded as finally the search engine pushed 'ostatni' into my brain, and went back to sleep again.

I hope I got the case ending right.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you did, ostatni pociag do..., but being in the mountains and remembering the train station only is not a good sign anyway.

pinolona said...

ah but it was ostatni autobus do...
And no, you're right, it's not a good sign!
It was just funny that my Polish linguistic traumas have extended into my subconscious. Maybe I unknowingly miss the Bad Obwarzanki Lady and her clan.

Anonymous said...

It was probably my "icy peak" comment some weeks ago.

I will not traumatize you with Polish mountains anymore. I promise.

...Marry christmas.

Anonymous said...

mErry, of course .lol

pinolona said...

Thanks anonymous! Merry Christmas to you too.