Monday, 15 December 2008

Climate Change

Not everyone likes wind farms. I think they look quite dramatic, standing straight on the hilltop, with the setting sun behind them.

Some people say they take more energy to build than they produce. Some say they are an eyesore, and some hate the noise nuisance.

But what really, really gets my goat is when you drive towards rows and rows of them whirring away except for one in every six or seven that just isn't working.

And you can't even go up and flick it with your finger, or blow on it to start it up again.


Anonymous said...

in 10yrs the climate in Great Britain will be colder than in Alaska. Because the warm gulf stream will be stopped by the melting polar ice.

..this is what the scientists predict.

pinolona said...

That's right, it's to do with fresh water from the ice-caps being lighter than the salt of the Gulf Stream or something (*humiliating pause as total lack of scientific knowledge exposed in style of very bad nudity dream*).

From what I heard, it will be cold in winter but hot in summer. Seems to be going the other way at the moment though, cold and damp all year round!

Darth Sida said...

Heard it on the radio the other day there are some species of Mme Nature's avantguard:
continental Europe's butterflies that already flew Albionward.

Wait, I found a piece in Polish:,motyle-leca-na-chlodne-wyspy,id,t.html

Can I be going to miss Pale Clouded Yellow when I don't think I ever saw one?