Tuesday, 16 September 2008

on the move again

I'm in Sweden. I am alone in the flat of a sociology student who has kindly offered to house me for the week. People are not so bad after all. There is a pale sun shining low through the window. It is peaceful. I do not speak a word of Swedish (apart from 'till', which means 'to' and is useful for buying bus tickets).

This is clearly a nation of very obliging people, since everyone says 'tak' all the time...


Anonymous said...

If you want to learn swedish you should contact her ;)


burntmaze.com said...

well then, you know two words!

tak means thanks, doesn't it?

have fun. how does it feel being back in foreignland?


Agnes Mildew said...

I hope you have a good time over there - I bet the Autumn is beautiful. Make the most of it. Are you returning to the UK? The weather here, at the moment, is idyllic - it warms the heart. It actually makes you feel good to be alive!
I am so looking forward to this weekend, driving up north and seeing the leaves which will, no doubt, have started to turn in Yorkshire.
Take care of yourself.

Island1 said...

:D Sweden is funny.

pinolona said...

Anonymous: thanks for the tip!

Tom: it felt good to be in foreignland. When are you going back to Poland?

Agnes: the autumn was lovely in Sweden, thank you! I don't recall seeing much in the way of falling leaves, but it was definitely sort of briskly cold with bright sunshine. A lot more so than I expected. And the sea is lovely - a bit bleak, but then I like that... I hope you had a good time in Yorkshire!

Island: you are so right. Sweden is hilarious...
(nb on the last day, an anarcho-socialist with two large suitcases and a huge rucksack dripping with a substance smelling suspiciously like petrol bared his mossy teeth at us and grinned: 'you want rrrriot materrials? Orrrr nice Molllotov cocktail?'. He wasn't Swedish though.)