Wednesday, 13 August 2008


The information age is upon us! Every minute, dozens of kilobytes and thousands of pixels of facts, figures and images are blasted into our brains via every sensory inroad! We learn more useless information in a day than our great-grandfathers learnt throughout the whole of their schooling!

Every day, subtle tendrils of marketing slip tender nuances into our conciousness ... 'buy this' ... 'look like this'... 'love this' ... 'Women! Eat more yoghurt!' ...

Since when did the Whole of Britain become digital? How is it that the five (ok, four) main television channels are now simply animated billboards advertising digital pay-per-view? How can you pick your way through hundreds of sports programmes, dozens of film stations, entire 'man' channels dedicated to Top Gear and Have I Got News For You?

Just when did we become hooked on hours of channel-flipping? How is it that two humble AA batteries are all that stand between human sanity and four hours of the Jeremy Kyle show??

Let us rebel against the information age!! Long live the ear plug! Bring back eye-masks! Deny marketing and publicity! Revolt against digital channel-flipping!!

Vive la revolution!


Editor's note: The author of this blog is at her sister's flat, and can't find the freebox remote.

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