Friday, 29 August 2008


I think someone may be interfering with my blog: I had three spam comments about online gambling on the last post and my stats show an abnormal surge in popularity in India (home of the cheap IT department). I'm switching moderation on for the moment. Anyone got any other tips?

4 comments: said...

I get a lot of gambling spam as well but the good thing is that Wordpress whacks it in a bin for you.
I transferred my blog over there a while ago. It's great. You give them your Blogger password and they just suck the whole thing into'n'all!
Never looked back.
P.S. Nice weather we're having, eh?

pinolona said...


Cheers... I was thinking of moving to Wordpress - I already exist there cos of Polandian but I'm a bit nervous about losing all my past posts...

The weather is terrible. I'm in a remote part of the Scottish highlands. There was frost on the ground this morning. When are you off back to Poland?

BurntMaze said...

Frost! Still, being in a remote part of Scotland sounds great. Far away from the crowds.

I'm heading back to Poland in just over a week. This time to Bielsko Biała. The grey - absolute grey - of Katowice has to be avoided at all costs. The place is fine in the summer but the spring, winter, autumns certainly bring you down.

Good luck with Wordpress. I sucked my Blogger blog over and it brought everything over including pix.

Have fun in Scotland!


Island1 said...

Easy, write a post about online gambling in India and explode the entire internet in a massive feedback loop. That's what I'd do.

Why do these captcha checkers always look like Polish words? Wsqwa? Doesn't that mean something?