Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Controversial new Polish joke about the EU

So a Highlander is minding his own business looking after his sheep when a man approaches him and says:
-If I can guess the exact number of sheep you have there, can I take one away with me?
-Sure! says the highlander, incredulous
-Ok says the newcomer: you have 200 sheep exactly
The highlander is impressed and grants his wish
-But hold on a minute, he says: If I can tell you exactly who you are, can I have my sheep back?
-Of course, says the other man.
-You are the European Commissioner for farming, says the Highlander
-Wow- the Commissioner is impressed- How did you know that?
-You took my dog.

Disclaimer: the author of this blog would like to dissociate herself from the sentiments expressed in this joke. She is sure the commissioner is very good at his job.
Ditto the comment about 'bloody Americans' in the previous entry.


Trees said...

I was in Kraków last weekend. We are a group preparing a European Tree Planting Guide. We were discussing jokes about the EU and this one raised a good laugh. Thank you!

pinolona said...

gosh I missed this comment somehow! Thanks, glad it raised a chuckle :)