Thursday, 3 May 2007

bank holidays

It just so happens that, in the week I am about to sign my contract, finally tying myself into a Proper Job, there are two bank holidays. May the 1st, of course, and the 3rd, which is a special Polish constitutional holiday. There are red and white flags on shop fronts and flying along with trams (ever so slightly reminiscent of the St George's cross monstrosities that fluttered on cars last summer until Portugal booted us out of the world cup).
I've been here a month and two days now, so I've had time to find a place to live and settle in. Now one day off is nice when you are new in town, but two is just depressing, particularly as I haven't seen my flatmates for a full 48 hours now, and I can only imagine that they are lying catatonic in some fantastic student heaven somewhere enjoying quantities of beer, music and sex in the way that only students in continental Europe can.
I decided to tackle the bank holiday blues in typical fashion: by going on a long long walk in the sunshine. I have now climbed two mounds in Krakow. There are three of these altogether, and the third is in Nowa Huta, so I'm waiting for my flatmates' mate to get back from holiday before exploring this particular elevation. (Nowa Huta being somewhere to avoid by night, and indeed by daylight.) It turns out that the one I climbed today (Kopiec Kosciuszki) is a special constitutional monument, and so entrance was free. And the whole of Krakow, plus a French school party, was taking advantage of the fact. I'd love to show you some photos, but, unless some wealthy blog-fan decides to donate digital photographic equipment, you'll just have to wait until my film has been processed (assuming of course that the CD-ROM drive in my elderly laptop manages to read it).
Long walks in the sunshine only last so long however, and ice-cream was disappointing for a girl who's been spoilt by Stefano's in Sesto Fiorentino, so I gave up and stocked up on Tyskie, a local brew, and very nice thank you. Off to the 5 zloty cinema in a second, I think, hoping the beer will have helped me decipher the subtitles...

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