Saturday, 7 April 2007

first week

Well I've been in Poland for a week now. It's certainly a lot less stressful than being in France. No crazy flatmate, no RER. And a nine-to-five which is definitely turned on its head, since flat-hunting and settling in have been my missions over the last few days.

As for the language, it's not going too badly, although I'm definitely still stuck a lot of the time. (note to self, must memorize Polish for 'I don't understand').
Here is a list of my linguistic accomplishments (with reservations...)
-I can count from zero to one hundred. Except that I have a mental block with nines. So really I can count from one to eight, ten to 18, 20-28, etc.
-I can talk about members of my immediate family. Add this to my numerical skills and suddenly I can tell people the ages of my immediate family. (this is especially entertaining when my dad starts chatting up the Polish waitress in the local Pizza Express)
-I can ask for a large beer (duzy piwo). Sadly the phrases for requesting a small beer, or even just a lemonade, escape me.
-when asked how I am, I can observe that there's nothing new (given that I've just emigrated, this is something of an understatement)
-I can ask where things are. But I will only be able to find them if they are a) on the corner; b) near to the post office.

I don't think that's too bad for five days. Excuse me, I think there's a duzy piwo that needs my attention.
a to do zobaczenia...

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