Friday, 23 March 2007

politics (ooh la la!)

In the comic operetta 'Iolanthe', WS Gilbert claims that we are all of us 'either a little liberal, or else a little conservative'- definitively one or the other from birth.
I think he would have had a problem with current French split-personality politics.
Last night, for example, my two flatmates got into a heated debate over the state of France today, and the Sarkozy/Royal conundrum.
In all honesty I haven't heard such committed Thatcherism since I last nibbled on a scone at the Sevenoaks constituency Conservative summer tea.
On unemployment: the poor guy who travels 3 hours every morning on the RER to earn the minimum wage shouldn't be worse off than the guy living it up on benefits.
On disaffected youth in the banlieues: why can't they just get off their behinds and make the effort and get a job?
On immigration: well of course if you let just anyone in...
On the SNCF strike: just wait till privatization and see how they like that!

On the forthcoming Presidential elections:
-I'd never vote right-wing!
-Absolutely not! We've always been Socialists!

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