Friday, 16 March 2007

dairy produce

An English friend also living in France confessed to having a weakness for fromage blanc, to the point of obsession. 'White cheese' in itself does not sound overly appetizing, but actually it's a kind of less acidic, thick, creamy yoghurt. Specifically designed not to be eaten on its own but with added jam, syrups, compote, nutella etc. etc.(or grated cucumber if you're on one of those horrible skinny-french-girl protein diets).
At Intermarché in my lunch time I counted two butter/cheese aisles, plus various cheese displays round by the fish counter (no idea), the usual stacks of UHT bricks and bottles, and, the masterpiece: a chiller stretched along the whole end of the store and packed full of yoghurts, cream desserts, rice puddings and so on.
You can't help but love a cuisine that allows you to snack on bowls of what is effectively chocolate-flavoured egg custard.
For the record, our fridge at work contains: 4 danone natural 'sur lit de fruits' (guilty); pack of four chocolate weightwatchers desserts, 3 apricot mousses, no less than eight individual activia yoghurts of various flavours (multipack leftovers); 100g tzatziki; President spreadable butter, milk, emmental rapée and a pot of parmesan dust. Addicts? not us, we can quit any time. I reflect on the folly of people's food obsessions whilst quietly finishing off a 500g packet of dates bought three days ago.

On an entirely different note, I've booked my flight east and I leave for Krakow in two weeks and two days. Better get working on that Polish then...

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