Monday, 24 January 2011

Best thing since

Sliced bread in Belgium comes without the crust slice on the end. This is a huge disappointment, because everyone knows that the crust is the best bit.

I'm sad again because my stats tell me this blog attracts people who have typed 'I hate Belgium' into their search engines. I have to admit that I complain a fair bit about the rather surreal little country that forms my adoptive home, but it's usually just frustration at something unflexible and service-related. Brussels is actually quite nice, sometimes. Here are some pictures:

Place St Boniface, the Ultime Atome on the right and one of two father-and-son-owned camera shops on the left

More Place St Boniface

Place de Londres

Eglise St Boniface. I'm not sure what the statues are

Christmas lights and sunshine. These pictures are from late November: the lights have been taken down now.


Korie said...

Eh, everyone has to complain sometimes and blow off some steam.

Laura said...

Don't be sad - maybe the people who love Belgium just read via Google reader or something? That's what I do.

I like the pictures - who knew that there was such a beautiful church lurking under all of that scaffolding?

The crust slice is the worst bit. The crust slice is for feeding to ducks.

pinolona said...

Hi Korie - thanks for the comment: I do try to keep my steam-letting off the blog but usually fail dismally on that one!
Congratulations by the way :)

Laura - what are you thinking, the crust is the best bit by far! Especially toasted and all soft inside with melted butter and Marmite mmm...

Norman said...

Cześć Pino, zwariowana singielko! :]
Mam dla Ciebie dwa utwory, które niedawno wygrzebałem w otchłani internetu. Taka delikatna gimnastyka z językiem polskim...
Pozdrawiam! :]

Jeannie said...

Place a special order next time, crusts only, and see the looks of disappointment on the bakers' faces when they realize their precious crusts won't be in their toasters the next morning.