Saturday, 2 October 2010

Sofa, so good

The sofa has become the central focus of my indoor life. It's a good place to flop down and pass out after work, it's the best place to sit and eat breakfast in front of the BBC (actually the only place, since I don't have a proper dining table yet) and it also doubles as a handy filing cabinet and coat stand.

As you can see, there's still a little way to go on furnishing the flat. Currently life is full of boring adult responsibilities, such as trying to work out how to do last year's UK tax return. Since I'm not very responsible and have trouble remembering that I'm supposed to be an adult, this has been a bit difficult to take on board.

Instead, I've been exploring the various procrastination options. Such as cooking.

Here's my recipe for vegetable soup. Don't thank me now.

- scrape together all the leftover vegetables from the bottom of your fridge.
- cut and/or peel off the slimy bits.
- heat some oil in a pan and add garlic and lots of chilli (to hide the taste of the vegetables)
- add veg and pour stock over the top - preferably Oxo veggie stock, for that authentic Pot Noodle flavour
- turn up the heat, and go and watch ER on Vijf TV until you hear the saucepan lid rattling as the stock boils over.
- turn down the heat and leave to simmer until vegetables have lost all shape and consistency or until the Flemish news comes on
- turn the heat off, get out hand-held blender, and blitz until mushy.
- add a bit more stock to make it look more like soup and less like baby food
- add generous helpings of strong cheese.



Michael Dembinski said...

generous helpings of strong cheese

Parmesan rinds (too hard to bite, grate, slice etc) go wonderfully into soups. Cut them into small pieces (not easy) and throw them into the soup. The longer they cook the better for flavour release and softness.

Does Belgium not have UK tax advisers that can help with form filling? I'm sure the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium will be able to point you to someone who'd take a reasonable fee for taking all your paperwork and filling in your UK (and indeed Belgian) tax forms for €60 or so.

pinolona said...

thanks for the parmesan tip! I do have a shrinking block of parmesan: shrinking because I periodically have to scrape the mould off...

Not sure about UK tax advisors in Belgium - there must be something in Brussels though because there are so many Brits here. The accountant I use here charges 100E per VAT return (Belgian). The accountants I used for my UK tax return the year before last charge 300GBP for a tax return, so the idea that I might find someone who could do it for 60E sounds unlikely. Although it would be great...

Jeannie said...

You can freeze the Parmesan rinds in freezer bags until you need them, too.

I love the floor in your flat.

pinolona said...

Thanks! I'm terrified I'm going to scratch it, or drop the iron on it, or spill litres of red wine (I'm renting)