Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Out of Office

Thank you for your message. I am currently out of the office. Please leave a number and I will get back to you...


Korie said...

Aww, now, try not to feel like that! We'll see you saturday for dessert and a good time dancing.

Jeannie said...

Be thankful you have an office to go to, eh :-).

Pinolona, are you drawing these yourself? If so, well done!!!!

Jacek said...

Płaczesz? Co się stało?

pinolona said...

nie, nie płaczę. ale czasami chcę ukrywać się przed światem. Nie miało być smutnym rysunkiem, raczej po prostu śmieszny, żartobliwy. To był skomplikowany dzień, miałam dużo do zrobienia i nie chciało mi się w ogóle!

Korie, thanks! it wasn't meant to be sad - it's meant to be funny and a bit conspiratorial. But I drew in a hurry and couldn't get the peeping through the fingers thing right.
Congratulations by the way :) see you on Saturday!

Jeannie, I don't actually have an office to go to... my job is a bit random like that. But 'Out of the office' represents all those hide-under-the-desk days when you can't face either work or social contact.
Yes I do them myself - thanks :)