Wednesday, 9 December 2009

happy post! (about obwarzanki)

oh gosh, I don't want the sad post to be the last thing I wrote! At the same time, I'm too busy to write another one.

Tell me happy things!

Or listen to the Belgian Song again.

... as I'm walking down the street, eating mayonnaise and frites...

Talking of street food...

One thing you may have noticed if you've been on board since The Poland Days is how much obwarzanki form an integral part of the Kraków diet. Especially as a student, with only fifteen minutes to eat between classes: just about time to run out to the pretzel stand and to queue by the coffee machine. I miss Kraków.
An Obwarzanek (the Kraków type, not the dessicated little pretzel-rings you get on strings in Warsaw. And indeed Brussels) is a big round bread twist, about the same size as a bagel, but without the heavy chewiness or sugary coating. It's crusty on the outside like bread and dipped in either poppy seeds (z makiem), sesame seeds (z sezamem) or big salt crystals (z solem) like a German pretzel. Some obwarzanki sellers offer versions with melted cheese (z serem), cayenne pepper (pikantny) or pizza herbs and tomato (pizzowy). I've also seen a rye version (ciemny) with oats on top, yummy.
I want one. They are stomach-filling (and possibly also bowel-stopping, since they consist exclusively of refined carbohydrates) and good.

Yesterday I plucked up the courage to ask the Pani in Kuchnia Polska on Avenue d'Auderghem, taking care to specify 'Krakowskie obwarzanki'.

- excuse me, she said, but what do you mean by 'krakowskie' obwarzanki?
- you know, the big ones, I explained.
- oh no, I'm sorry: they're like bread, they'd be awful the next day. You'd probably have to order them specially.

Proszę Panstwa, to jest dramat.

I am going to have to call the Polish Embassy...


Laura said...

I have a funny thing. Not so much happy but you can laugh at me!

After getting uppity with Ben for telling me what road to walk up on my way home on Tuesday night, I wandered off up the wrong road.

I'm a total dickhead.

pinolona said...

oh no!! (heeheehee) Did you end up at the Church of Scotland by any chance?
You can always just blame Ben for not being a gentleman and coming to pick you up...

Laura said...

Yeah, he's a gentleman and was waiting in the square to meet me and saw me scuttling off up Chausée d'Ixelles. When he caught me up we had a little argument about the road - I gave in after he agreed to take photos of the Christmas lights on our way home.

Fisz i Czips said...

never seen anything other than z makiem or sola, guess i am out touch

it would be interesting to see an empirical study examining the effects on obwarzanki prices when taking into consideration proximity to the glowny rynek

btw, i had the belgian song playing in the background while writing this... pretty bad, good luck with the job stuff