Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Exams are over!

(Post-exam resolution no 1: learn to tap-dance before I hit thirty)


Anonymous said...

I haven't got any idea That Rita learnt Polish! :D

pinolona said...

Well, now you know!

basia said...

Congrats Pino!!

Enjoy the summer, enjoy the city!

I'm sure it will be great to switch off active/intensive learning to more of an "osmosis" approach.

Big news on the homefront!! Anna (of Polish blog) has a short layover in Toronto and is COMING TO MY HOUSE tomorrow. I'm really excited to meet her.

Have a great summer and congratulations.

Anna said...

Hi Pino!!!
Yes, Anna is coming over to Basia's house for dinner tomorrow! I am so excited.
And I am also sorry that I never made it to Krakow. Bummer. I really wanted, too.
Enjoy your summer, Pinochan, and if you find yourself in the Far East by any chance, give me a shout!

Michael Dembinski said...

Ah! Rita Hayworth - a past life squeeze if ever there was one! (Gilda - that dress, those gloves!)

Fed said...

And a bit of Harry Belafonte on the side...nice!

pinolona said...

Basia, thanks! I much prefer the osmosis method too. It's so cool you're meeting Anna, say hi for me!

Anna, thanks for the Far East invite, I shall definitely drop by if I'm ever in the area :)

Michael - yes she's cool: I don't know much about Rita Hayworth actually: I like the song a lot and I was looking for a good video with dancing on and this was the best one.

Fed, HB isn't on the side! He's the main event! I actually wanted Juanita but I couldn't find it on YouTube at all.