Wednesday, 26 December 2007


For the past three or four days (in between church and eating) I have been staking out the Polish Deli in Sevenoaks, fascinated by this new arrival in my old town. The shutters, however, remain obstinately closed. Ever since my Auntie Joy, with a conspiratorial grin, opened her fridge to reveal a tell-tale carton of Tymbark Premium Wisnia (z delikatnimi cząstkami)* sitting pertly inside the door, I have been determined to venture into this small Slavic enclave in Sevenoaks.

However, Poles know how to party, and the place has been closed since Sunday.

I can't wait to step over the threshold, holding my breath (no, not because of the meat counter) in anticipation of the treats I'll bring home to my blissfully unsuspecting family.
Will the doors open before the new year or have the owners gone home to see babcia? Will I pluck up the courage to say 'Dzien Dobry' instead of 'Hi' on entering? Will they have obwarzanki?

Will they let me pay in zloty??

Watch this space. Tomorrow may be the day...

*that's 'cherry juice with bits' to you and I.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pinolona!

I have been enjoying reading your blog, which I found recently. A lot of it rings true for me as I'm a Brit who has been living in Poland (Warmia Mazury) for the past four months. There is certainly a lot to get used to! Not least the trains being late every day... and the cold winter weather! My question for you is: can you recommend a good program or course for learning Polish? I can hold a conversation at Elementary level but would dearly like to improve quickly in Polish. What do you think? My email is:

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...


pinolona said...

Sadly that's the end of the story with the shop. It remained closed the whole time I was at home. I reckon the people who run the shop were back at home visiting family for Christmas and then drinking vodka in a hut in the mountains for new year. A very sensible idea.
In any case, Car Guy showed up a few days later with a suitcase full of oscypek and kielbasa so I didn't need the shop in the end.

Anonymous said...

Good news about the shop. I drove past it at 5.55 this evening and it was open. So they have clearly returned from the Christmas break. The bad news of course is that they did not return until after you had left