Friday, 9 November 2007


Ok, not strictly about Poland, this one.
I've discovered this marvellous group on facebook (work is slow at the moment) which is something along the lines of translating the whole canon of English literature into limerick form. It was started by a couple of awfully clever chaps from Cambridge and it is hilarious.

Here are one or two examples:

The Hobbit

Our protagonist's small, but don't knock it
To that old dragon Smaug did he sock it
'There and back', but don't fret
It's not over quite yet
There's a sequel right here in my pocket.

The Brothers Karamazov

Daddy K gets bumped off by his brood(y)
Local wenches are making them moody
Ivan's cold, Loysha's fey
Some kid dies on the way
And poor Mitya ends up on Judge Judy.

("of course 'gay' would be the more obvious rhyme, but I'm pretty certain that's not what Dostoevsky was getting at")

Suite Française

Paree's bourgeois are fleeing the city
Occupational hazard: not pretty
Village feuds, mixed romance
Breed resistance in France
The translator gets shot, which is a real shame and probably not covered under AIIC regulations.

Anna Karenina

Happy families all look the same
Kitty S sets young Levin aflame
Mrs K's love is blind
She can't make up her mind
The 8.30 express ends the game.

War and Peace

With warring and dancing in fash
Aristocracy indulge their pash
For strategic ass-whipping
And Slav bodice-ripping
Plus Sonya looks good with a 'tache.

("Does anyone else find that's the only bit they remember?")

And why should the Poles get off lightly:

Pan Tadeusz

1812: Central Europe's a mess
Fam'ly feuds and revolts cause distress
In the midst of this mania,
Tad cries 'Lithuania!'
If only he'd had GPS.

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