Friday, 5 October 2007

POLISH word of the day

Partly as an antidote to those Awful (and singularly unimaginative) Spanish/German/French 'Word of the Day' applications that have sprouted on my friends' Facebook profiles recently, and partly just cos it's funny, here is my Polish Word of the Day:


As uttered by one of my new flatmates when she almost fell over me pulling my trainers on in the hall:

'Idziesz joggingować?'

Conjugated jogginguję/joggingujesz/jogginguje/joggingujemy etc.

Polish phonetic spelling: dżogingować.
N.B. Foreign borrowings are almost always subject to Polish orthography e.g. 'dżem' and 'sejf' (work it out at home). Apart from anything else, this provides an excellent way of cheating at Scrabble.

Synonyms.. uh... 'Biegać wolno' (possibly?)

Context: 'Codziennie o wpół do siodmej, jogginuję nad Wisłą' (since my command of prepositions is still pretty sketchy, I do hope this means 'I jog along the Vistula' and not 'I jog in the Vistula'). Especially at 6.30 in the morning: I just don't have the constitution for that sort of thing.

As always, synonyms, variations and corrections (not to mention tea and biscuits and moral support in general) are very, very welcome.

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justyna said...

Admittedly I have not heard of ‘joggingować’. That really takes the cake. I have however heard the version ‘uprawiam jogging’. The word literally means ‘to cultivate’ but it is used for sport meaning to take part in, to do, or to practice. So: ‘uprawiam narciarstwo’ (I ski) or ‘uprawiam wspinaczke’ (I practice climbing’). Your sentence therefore would be: ‘o wpół do siódmej uprawiam jogging nad Wisłą’ (or to be pedantic ‘wzdłóż Wisły’ if you want to say ‘along the Vistula’ instead of ‘by the Vistula’).

There is a strong group out there, who like the French, refuse to throw in English words into their Polish sentences. They would simply say: ‘wpół do siódmej biegam nad Wisłą’. Yes, until Beverly Hills 90210 brought in ‘jogging’ into the Polish vernacular, people simply went for a run.

My fave is 'recyclingować'...for that there really is no one Polish word equivalent.