Monday, 3 September 2007

End of the summer

This morning I merrily got up at seven, washed and ate breakfast and left the house for work, locking the door securely behind me [author's note, I can say all this in Polish now- except possibly the bit about locking the door- aw let me feel pleased with myself, just for a second, please...].

Fifteen minutes later and halfway down Starowislna street I realised that I had turned the key in the deadlock, effectively trapping my flatmates in the house. I sprinted back down the street, across the tram station and up the stairwell, where I had to go through the whole process of unlocking the door, re-locking it (using the other keyhole) and then unlocking and re-locking, three times for luck, just to make Absolutely Sure, before finally racing back down the stairwell.
So much for getting to the office early.

The heady summer weather has broken and autumn is on its way for sure. The other night I attempted to go rollerblading before darkness fell. As I trotted down the street to the river, blades swinging, the first ominous drops started to fall. I carried on regardless, but by the time I reached the river and changed shoes there was a noticeable, if gentle, precipitation. It was really fine until I rounded the bend towards Wawel hill and was caught full in the face by a driving gale.
I took refuge under a bridge (which was rapidly becoming a wind tunnel) with a couple of other bedraggled rollerbladers and one or two cyclists.
We all waited for the shower to pass.
We waited.
And waited.
Summer had clearly moved south to warmer climes.

Finally I ventured out from under the bridge, tentatively stepping off the verge onto the slick asphalt. Instantly the wind caught me from behind and I half-slid, half-allowed myself to be buffeted all the way back to the bridge at the end of Starowislna. Sadly I may have to hang up the knee pads until spring, but I suppose at least I have more chance of staying upright.

Roll on the snowboarding season I say!


Anonymous said...

How does summer leave for warmer climes? Surely they become warmer once summer has arrived?

pinolona said...

uh-oh: that sounds distinctly like a technicality to me...