Friday, 24 August 2007

The Storm

Last night I was woken up by crashing and thundering outside. I woke up and thought bleary thoughts for a few moments before drifting back to blissful slumbers, vaguely pushing the fact that I had left both the kitchen and the loggia windows open from my mind.

This morning I walked to work as usual, turning right into the Planty where Starowislna meets Sienna. It occured to me, walking a different route to avoid tree trunks and various other foliage that were blocking the path, that the gardeners had been pretty busy pruning since yesterday morning.

Hmm, silly me: the storm yesterday was pretty major stuff. So it transpires. Voila voila, pics of the carnage:

1 comment:

The Dad said...

Looks more like an excerpt from "Travels without my shredder"! But good to see the art of digital photography put to such spectacular use